CMIS, On-site inspections and certifactions of pressure equipment

CMIS, On-site inspections and certifactions of pressure equipment

Services – Fabrication Inspection

Colin Mongta Inspection Services Pty Ltd provide a fabrication inspection service complying with the requirements of AS 3920 which specifies the requirements for the assurance of product quality in the manufacture of boilers, pressure vessels and pressure piping, the standard applies to design, fabrication, inspection, testing and despatch of pressure equipment.

 Inspection of fabrications to AS3920 includes but is not limited to;

  • Assuring that the manufacturer has acceptable inspection and test techniques and procedures that are being adhered to, and documented completed.
  • Verifying that the manufacturer has a valid, certified quality system.
  • Verifying design drawings and design calculations are available and have been externally verified.
  • Verifying materials used in fabrication comply and have the required mill test reports or material certification.
  • Verifying forgings and castings comply with the relevant material spec’s.
  • Verifying weld preparations, shape, fit-up and cleanliness of parts comply.
  • Verifying welding procedures used are qualified in accordance with AS 3992.
  • Verifying specified welding procedures are being used.
  • Verifying welders engaged in the fabrication are certified or qualified in accordance with AS/NZS 3992.
  • Verifying that any heat treatment required has been properly performed.
  • Verifying that production test welds are carried out and the results are acceptable.
  • Verifying that defects repaired by welding have been acceptably repaired.
  • Verifying that the required non-destructive examinations and other tests have been performed and the results are acceptable.
  • Visually inspecting the pressure equipment internally and externally.
  • Witnessing hydrostatic or pneumatic tests.
  • Performing internal and external dimensional checks.
  • Verifying the equipment stamping and nameplate markings.
  • Reviewing and signing the completed manufacturer’s data report.
  • Visually inspecting the type and installation of protective fittings, where fitted.

Our staff are qualified and experienced in AS3920 and can help you identify and eliminate fabrication flaws and defects that increase your liability and operating costs while helping you to maintain the highest level of pressure vessel integrity and compliance.

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