CMIS, On-site inspections and certifactions of pressure equipment

CMIS, On-site inspections and certifactions of pressure equipment

Services – Statutory In-Service Inspection

Colin Mongta Inspection Services offer a comprehensive in-service inspection service covering the full range of pressure equipment and provide detailed reports in accordance with AS/NZS 3788 which satisfies the OH&S regulation 3.5-106.

We also provide to our clients a complimentary reminder service (by letter) one month in advance of the next planned inspection date.

The Occupational Health & Safety Regulations 2017.

Regulation 3.5-105 states:

Use of Plant

An employer or self emplpoyed person must ensure that—

  1. plant is inspected to the extent necessary to ensure that the risk associated with the use of the plant is monitored; and
  2. steps are taken to prevent—
    • alterations to the plant that have not been permitted by the employer or self employed person; or
    • Interference with the plant.

Please Note: Act compliance—sections 21 and 23 (see regulation 1.1-7). A failure to comply with a duty or obligation under a section of the Act referred to in an "Act compliance" note is an offence to which a penalty applies.

Regulation 3.5-106 states:

Record of inspections and maintenance

An employer or self employed person must ensure that any record of inspections and maintenance carried out on boilers and pressure vessles with a hazard level A, B or C (as determined by AS 4343 Pressure equipment - Hazard levels) for the period that the employer or self employed person has management or control of the plant.

AS/NZS 3788-2006 specifies the minimum requirements for the inspection, repair and alteration of in-service boilers, pressure vessels, piping, safety equipment, and associated safety controls and specifies the requirements for initial inspection after installation and the minimum requirements for in-service inspections, including inspection intervals for the various types of pressure equipment.

The owner of the pressure equipment is responsible for ensuring that the extent and frequency of inspection is appropriate and adequate for the continued safe operation of the pressure equipment.

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